Wednesday 22 May 2013

My love affair with 30 Seconds To Mars.

I was gifted the new 30 Seconds To Mars album. Love Lust Faith + Dreams
I listened to Beautiful Lie and This is War for a month last year as I wrote my 50k. The music and the lyrics drove the writing and the dynamics and challenges were set to those CDs. I fell in love with the sound of their music, the imagery in their lyrics and the feel of their music.

It's an actual feeling. It gets under my skin and I have to listen to it in order to scratch the itch. The lyrics speak, they challenge and linger in my sub-conscience. I've found myself longing to be in a dark room, lying on a bed or sofa and having the music so loud that the bass moves the bed. I want to feel the drum beats on my skin and in my bloodstream. I want to hear the lyrics as if they are being spoken in my head.

It's the need to feel the emotions of someone else. To momentarily be someone else entirely.
To be part of the echelon. To be part of something greater.
It sounds fangirly. It sounds somewhat pathetic, I know, but I want to feel the music.
I want to for the length of a CD not to be the me I know.

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