Sunday 19 May 2013

Disney on Ice - Princesses and Heroes.

The look on his face says it all really. 

We were lucky enough to win tickets to see Disney on Ice at the TSB Arena on Thursday night. It was an onslaught of Disney from the get go. A merchandisers dream! Added to the flashing lights and gadgets were all the gorgeous little ones dressed up as Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and Aurora not forgetting all the princes and the odd Superman and Spiderman for good measure. 

The actual show was breathtaking. I stopped breathing a few times as the princesses were thrown sky high. Monkey was in awe at every part of the spectacle. He kept saying "Wow" and "How do they do that?". At one stage he was clinging to my arm and just pointing at the ice rink. 

It was an emotional time for me - I remember going to Disney on Ice when I was child and to be able to share it with Monkey (and M) at a time when I really can't afford to do much with him - it just made me feel so grateful and blessed. 

My favourite part had to be the dragon and Monkey's was Sebastian from Little Mermaid. 

Thank you to Kiwi Bloggers for the tickets!

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  1. So awesome! The only ice show I've been to was high school musical on ice!! That was amazing, I was in awe of the things they can do on it!! Such incredibly talented artists!


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