Saturday 25 May 2013

Breathe - TypeTrigger

Alison tried to focus on the medical jargon on the screen. It was all too much, too many words she has to understand individually for the main sentence to make sense. She ran her hand through her hair and glanced out the window at the city street far below. The bonus of a corner office - being able to see the street.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Still focussed on the information on the computer screen, she took her phone out and automatically opened it.

She scanned the message on the smaller screen and looked back at the larger one. As the words she'd read began to make sense, she turned slowly in her chair and faced the corner window and read it again.

"My love, I need you to breathe again. I need you to breathe in the air without the shadow of my life. I cannot do it to you. I am thinking for myself now. And you will breathe again. I love you always."

Her phone fell to the floor as she ran the four paces to the window. Below her the flashing lights and crowds carpeted the now quiet road. From above, a shadow fell earthwards as she screamed, reaching to him through the glass.

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