Saturday 11 May 2013

#30DaysChallenge - Day 12 -- Legacy

Yesterday I was in Wellington waiting on an appointment when the line "her legacy of blood and bone" crept into my mind. I've found that recently the lines will come into my mind and run around for a while before lining up and becoming something I can work with. So here's what that line became...


Her legacy, carried close for a fleeting moment
borne into the world - in blood and bone -
to be moulded and nurtured
never handed back to her
in the same form.

Her legacy, carried close to her heart forever -
running free in the world of hope and awe,
to become what it will, as it wishes to be
a legacy of free will and choice
allowing the future to hear her voice.

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  1. Simply gorgeous! Absolutely love it. Can really relate to this. Good job! Linda x


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