Thursday 2 May 2013

#30dayschallenge - 3 -- Finding Words

Finding Words

i've searched for my words in poems and songs -
vulturing the offerings of bards and minstrels past.
they fall into my hands and trickle between my fingers
leaving a residue of hope and love in equal parts
as they fall - missing my lips as i try to cram them in
but nothing i can do to turn them into my own words,
nothing i can use to say how i feel -
without coloured cheeks, uneven breaths and trembling hands

i may find them within your arms or as your hands play over mine
i may find them in the early morning light or the setting sun
i may find them in the soft words you share, the care you take.

i will find them somewhere and i will whisper them again and again
but always with coloured cheeks and uneven breaths
as i hold your trembling hands close

© LatteJunkie, 2 May, 2013

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  1. Exquisite! This is absolutely delicious to read & emanates so many feelings of the wonderful, yet vulnerable, feelings of love xx


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