Sunday 21 April 2013

Lyrical Sunday - Completion Challenge.

Well... I surely challenged myself by setting this challenge. I'm not good at going back to work and still liking it, let alone adding to it. But here goes...

Shrapnel and Shards.
she walked through the shattered shards,
fingers trailing, dripping red into crystal rivers,
feeling her way, picking through the shrapnel,
following the flow of the truth and light
holding pieces close to her heart, 
throwing more to the winds pulling her apart
watching the splinters fly free, 
releasing the pain, freeing her limbs
she turned the corner
 thinking of the future damming the crystal flow
pulling the pieces from her heart 
sifting the shards, grouping and discarding.
shrapnel and splinters and shards
arranging a future from the shattered past
colours of life, crystal glue
mosaicking past, present and future
the river stopped
the pain stopped
freedom in pain
freedom in tears
freedom in the wind.

© LatteJunkie, 21 April 2013


  1. Love the mosaiciking of the broken pieces to make a way forward, held together with 'crystal glue'. Beautiful words that stir quite a scene and evoke strong feelings.

  2. Absolutely fab. I love this, the words are so well put together :).


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