Sunday 14 April 2013

I'm grateful for...

  • Friends who can catch when I throw a box at them, while yelling "emotional crap", and then put it somewhere safe.
  • Friends who bring chocolate and cleaning spray with them, because that's what I asked them to bring.
  • Friends who go up ladders even if they're afraid of heights
  • Friends who will let me cry on their shoulder in the middle of the driveway
  • Friends who help me put things together with allen keys.
  • Friends who don't mind me muttering "shitballsontoast!" a LOT.
  • Friends who bring their own music to the house.
  • Friends who do impromptu dance routines and sing along to anything.
  • Friends who get covered in paint, wet in the rain and don't complain.
  • Friends who don't mind if I pretend I'm not crying.
  • Friends who are there... in person, online, on the phone, over skype...
They're there. Real friends are the ones who are with you when you most need them and when you least expect them to be. I am grateful for them all. And you...

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