Friday 8 March 2013

More excuses, a confession and a promise.


I've been busy.

It's not really an excuse. I've been lazy. Still not an excuse.

I've been dealing with estate agents, lawyers, friends, family, writing, job hunting, finding a counsellor for Monkey and dating.

Still not an excuse.

I have been protecting myself from feeling too much too soon. If I write poetry, I write myself on paper. I pour out my soul and I'm not ready to see it in its vulnerable state yet. I'm enjoying being me, being able to be less introspective and being able to just go with everything as it happens. Living in the moment of each day and not rehashing failures and mistakes and negativity.

I miss writing. I miss it all. But I don't feel the urge to write it all down any more. I don't need the release, I am with people now who let me release to them, they care enough to hear me.

That's not to say I don't miss you... I do...  This weekend I will bring Lyrical Sunday back and I will start blogging more frequently. Because friends don't ditch each other when their lives get less dramatic. In real life or online...


  1. Good for you! Writing can be cathartic, but it's nothing compared to real-time sharing and hearing. I like the last of your excuses, and hope you're having fun x


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