Thursday 22 November 2012

Thanks Grifball!

I can't describe accurately how today has gone. It went from ok to good to great and to shit in about 6 hours. I thought the shit would hang around longer, it didn't. Because I have learnt quickly that just by saying yes to something small means the bad passes much quicker.

Tonight, I'm sitting listening to music with a smile on my face. An actual cheesy grin, because tonight I feel happy. I had an amazing time at the beach with a friend. We got pizza and ate on the beach, playing with the shells and sand inbetween eating the delicious pizza. I watched the waves, the continuity of the movement reminding me that life goes on. That I can be up and down like a seesaw but when I take the time to be in the moments that make me happy with people who allow me to be myself and to be happy, I am more than ok. I feel like the person people tell me I am. 

And I like her.

Grifball, thanks for dinner! Next time we take our own beer! And don't for a minute think I'm not holding you to the promise of going on a Harley ride with me, or holding my hand when I get my tattoo and jumping off the damn pier!


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