Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Miles from Linnie

Miles apart. Miles away. Miles. Miles. Miles.


Most of the time, the miles between New Zealand and other countries don't impact. They are there. I am here.


This week they do. This week, I am tied to my phone. Sending the only support I can across the miles to my best friend. 

The hugs don't translate over text. The shoulder I could offer is stuck here, the tears are there in the UK. 

The dirty jokes I could tell her to break the tension, don't sound the same without my mischievous smile. 

The coffee, cake and cuddles are wasted on the miles. The flowers fade.

All I have is the miles, and a phone. 

I love you Linnie. I am sorry I am only able to offer you random words. But know that they come from my heart. From me. 

We are family and I am feeling your pain too. 

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