Sunday 5 August 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Pause


Thoughts run on unbidden,
Words fall out of synch,
Movements stagger and stumble,

On and on,
Minute after minute,
Hour after hour,

Judgement after assumption,
Hope after downfall,
Until within, a hiatus,
A pause to breathe.

© 2012 LatteJunkie

Reason to pause

She walks,
towards the gate

Shoulders hunched,
feet dragging.

Tears run down her cheek,
as her hands wring.

She walks,
past my car,

As I wait, at the lights,
paused, captive watcher

Every morning
My heart breaks.

As I watch her
Unable to help.

© 2012 LatteJunkie

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant my clever friend! The first one I really felt in myself. The second one I felt the sadness of being a helpless observer along with you.

    It was wonderful to see you today. You looked radiant and your locks so lucious! I'm slowly growing mine again.


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