Sunday 12 August 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Gateway.

I didn't post the prompt this week and I hope you don't all disappear because of that. I should really schedule a month or two in advance.

This is the poem I wrote for the UH Library Poetry Day competition. The theme was Gateway to the Outdoors. If you would like to submit anything this week please do and I will link up on Thursday.

Winter whispers

Winter’s breath,
Smoke and fog,
Blurs the evergreens,
Beneath a soft grey.

Within the haze,
White on green,
A whisper

Do not forget me.
I am still here.

The frosted gate,
Opens still.

I remain,
Shrouded in grey,
Disguised in white.

Do not forget me.

Come, find me.

On the hills,
By the river,
In the fields.

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