Tuesday 14 August 2012

Eminem - Rhythm and Rhyme

I'm listening to Eminem. Loudly. Uncensored. 
He's one of my guilty pleasures, indulged in when little ears aren't around.

His rap is poetry, it has a message and it lingers.
 It's something I can't wait to share with Monkey when he's older and will understand the lyrics. 
A love of rhythm and rhyme is a priceless gift.

 This weekend Captain Awesome shared a video on why Eminem is a Rhyming God...


  1. The best! And I love your tribute rhyme!!

  2. That is so awesome, love Eminem.

  3. I do love Eminem. He is very talented. I don't get to listen to him often, though.

  4. I love Eminem. I don't think your pleasure should be at ALL guilty!


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