Thursday 2 August 2012

Disjointed rambling

I'm on edge. Teetering between happy and not.

I have verbal diarrhoea. Anything to stop me thinking

I'm anxious. Breath caught, trapped.

I'm lacking motivation. But I am always doing something.

I'm tired. Bone-tired.

My train of thought is pretty much derailed. 

I'm losing focus. It's fractured, reflecting broken images

I'm feeling disjointed. Like I'm missing something. Lacking.

I feel like I should be hiding from the world. Behind words, actions or laughter. Hidden.

I'm stuck in that place of disbelief, where the voices get louder and drown out everything else.
And I don't think any one knows. Or whether I'm just imagining it.

I wish I did.


  1. Hope you feel better soon xxx I know that feeling all too well. I felt like that for months this year (just love the way you put all those feelings into words). Having a little respite from it at the moment - just hoping it lasts :) xx Take care and hugs x

  2. Aw, maybe a Scoopy is just what you need, hahaha. Yeah, that won't fix everything...but fixing one thing sometimes helps!

    Your email address isn't linked! I can't email ya! :P


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