Wednesday 4 July 2012

Shake, rattle and roll.

Last night we had a quake. NZ gets lots of them and usually we don't feel them. Which is good seeing as though I can see a faultline from my front door. (shhh don't tell my mum).

It was a 7. But really deep and offshore, which is good news all around. So twitter and facebook lit up like the quake-map at geonet. But the coolest link I've seen is this one - the sound of the quake recorded at an organ recording. 

I love New Zealand but I'd like the faults to simmer down now.


  1. Growing up in Wellington, we knew that frequent earthquakes relieved pressure in faultlines so, apart from being scary, were not necessarily bad. That all changed with Christchurch these past two years. Last night's earthquake was definitely the biggest I've ever experienced and one I'm not keen to repeat.

  2. Geez, that recording is amazing. Thank God last night's was so deep.

  3. My husband was on Facebook at the time and was also intrigued by the live updates of an earthquake felt through a lot of NZ. I'm sure a lot of people are praying there isn't a Christchurch repeat for another area in NZ any time soon.


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