Sunday 1 July 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Smoke

Down the path...

As I follow you,
Down the path of winter-green,
The smoke-voice of childhood
Dances into laughter,
As you chase frost fairies
And lost sunbeams.

As you run
Down the path of winter-green,
Searching for invisible foes,
Smoke-dragons fly ahead of you,
Dashing left and right,
Disappearing in the sunlight.

As you lead me,
Down the path of winter-green
I know, that too soon,
The smoke-dragons will be
Just vapour and dream,
A mother’s memory.

And when that time comes,
Will you be able to hear
The smoke-voice of the past?
As it tries to remind you,
Of paths of winter-green 
And treasures unseen.

© 2012 LatteJunkie



  1. Awesome poem! Reminds me of my cold walks to school.

  2. This is so vividly beautiful. Your words paint a picture in my mind of my own childhood - as well as the one of my children (though they don't often see smoke dragons quite like I used to growing up in England!). Welly winters have the wind chill factor but rarely the temperatures for smoke dragons. I so love the poem.

  3. A quick poem from me x (thinking back on my own full moon drumming party days at The Southern Cross in Wellington!)


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