Friday 29 June 2012

An "i forgot to post" post.

Well it's now 7pm and I am not even close to drawing up a list of Five Favourite Things...

So I am going to skip it tonight and leave you with three things I never realised I feared until tonight:

  1. Vomiting in a packed elevator.
  2. Running into the living room after a shower to grab knickers/jeans/clean clothing and realise someone is on skype.
  3. Falling down the up escalator.
All I can say is thank Hippocrates for anxiety meds or I would have been up all night worrying about this! 

What random/irrational fears have popped up in your life recently? 


  1. My worst nightmare is being trapped in a toilet cubicle and the lock breaking - the type that you can't crawl out from underneath, pry the door open or break out of on your own. Aaarrrggghhhh!

  2. Oh no, I think the naked skype call is the worst on the list. If it's a family member then not so bad. Lately I've been walking very carefully, I am so paranoid about slipping over, winter floors can be dangerous!

  3. LOL! Oh, the nakes skype thing! Lately I am worried that I will accidentally dial someone on my phone during a really bad momma moments. Or that my son will take photos or video of me with his little kid digital camera while I am in the shower.
    P.S. Stay away from the escalators and elevators. :)


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