Sunday 15 July 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Risk

Without Risk

Without a misstep off the beaten path,
Risking crashing through the gorse -
thorn pricks of panic 
tearing through your heart

Without risk, there is no chance

Without lungs gasping,
tumbling thoughts mismatched
words broken, rehashed, replayed
vertigo of the mind, eyes blind

Without risk, there is no change

Without falling down, uphill
hands grabbing, clutching to familiar
safety nets tearing, legs stalling
eyes glazing., mind hiccoughing

Without risk, there is no choice

Without heading off the beaten path
burning bridges not yet crossed,
destroying the foundations
and always hoping for the best

It will always be, as it always was.

© 2012 LatteJunkie


  1. Yes, so very true. Very thought provoking indeed.

    Joining in this week - woohoo!:

  2. So well put. I haven't managed anything yet (all my children are still awake at 10.30pm!!) & I've been pathetically distracted with some risky erotica reading!


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