Tuesday 24 July 2012

JBE: The Five Hardest Things I Have Ever Done.

Be Enough Me | Just.Be.Enough.Joining up with Just Be Enough in what feels like the first time in years! Although it's probably only one...

The Five Hardest Things I Have Ever Done:

  1. I moved overseas knowing, in my heart of hearts, that we would never call South Africa home again. That it meant I would raise a family without having mine near. Nor would I be close to my dearest friends...

  2. I moved to New Zealand with Captain Awesome, without ever having been here. It's very daunting moving somewhere sight unseen. Especially without the support we had when we moved to the UK.
  3. Not flying back to South Africa for my grandfather's funeral.
  4. Starting this blog.
  5. Getting through PND on my own, making it through the really shit times, the awful times and the good times that seemed tarred with the same brush. Related to this is the sixth hardest thing I have ever done - Admitting I needed more help to get over the depression and anxiety that has lingered over the last two years.

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