Wednesday 27 June 2012

What was for dinner tonight.

Disclaimer: My throat is so sore that it hurts to swallow. My head is woozy from all the coughing. My chest hurts, because that is what it does when I get sick. I'm pretty miserable and definitely not to be trusted in the kitchen.

Not the actual pizza,  just one to give you an idea.

Which is where Captain Awesome's spectacular cooking comes to the fore. Tonight we had pasta. Delicious, easy to eat pasta followed by artisan gelato and tiramisu. I am so lucky that he knows how to pick a restaurant to suit the situation. 

We went to Mediterranean Food Warehouse for their 2:4:1 pasta night. It was so worth the trip out in the cold. I had Spaghetti Bolgnaise with Italian Parmesan, CA had Lasagne. They were delicious, the service was great and they even had a half serve of ravioli for Monkey. The live music added to the lovely atmosphere.

The medicinal tiramisu soothed my throat and the medicinal gelato  soothed Monkey's.

They also have 2:4:1 pizza nights on a Monday. Woodfired, artisan pizza with real Italian ingredients. Can I recommend the Chorizola - chorizo and Italian gorgonzola. It is my favourite pizza - ask for a little garlic.

The best part of the whole Mediterranean Food Warehouse experience is that you can browse their aisles of imported delicacies and gourmet ingredients, gathering inspiration for when you are well enough to cook again. And if that day doesn't come they offer cooking classes.

And if none of this tempts you - their coffee... o.m.g!

Disclaimer 2: I haven't been paid or reimbursed in any way, it's just a place I wanted to recommend to my readers. 


  1. That sounds like a great night out. Hope you feel better really soon. Not nice being sick!

  2. I have those exact symptoms, and had reheated stew. Hmm. Far out chorizio and gorgonzola pizza? That sounds amazing am so gonna make one. When im better. Get well soon you x

  3. which one did you got to? There's one in Paraparaumu I want to try.

    1. Last night we went to the one in Lower Hutt.

      I've been to the one in Paraparaumu before and it was great. They all have the same menus and the quality is the same :D They are on FB and update about when they have live music and specials :).

  4. lurgies STAY AWAY! You are not welcome around here!!

    Isn't it seriously nice some times to go out when your sick? Change of senery, fresh air, feeling like normal!? Sometimes I think going out is an important part of recovery :)

    Looks like the Captain picked a great place for the family!

  5. I hate being sick, and whatever is wrong has been lingering almost 2 weeks now! I hope you feel better, and it's great you went out despite not being in tip top shape. It's good for your psyche, especially when there are woodfired artisan pizza on offer, yum!

  6. Sorry to hear you are sick. Being a Mum and sick is the worst as you can't just take some days off to lie in bed. On the other hand what a super dinner! Wish my hubby thought this well when I wasn't so flash.


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