Sunday 24 June 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Books

Source: via LatteJunkie on Pinterest

Within the pages

Within the pages, I have lived
Many lives that Fate denied.
A damsel, dragon, witch,
A hunter, thief, girl-on-fire.
Castaway, lived in a tree,
Castle, mansion and slums.
I have hidden in cupboards and towers
And boarded in schools of paper,
I have died a hundred deaths, witnessed more,
Was reborn into as many new,as I could read.

Within the pages, I have learnt
About my life, and those of others
who have joined me as we walked
within the novels I have travelled.
© 2012 LatteJunkie


  1. I really enjoyed that poem. :) (I'll take a long black thanks!!)

  2. Beautiful! Exactly how I feel too :)

  3. The coffee cup buttons are PERFECT for you, aren't they! xxx

  4. Love this poem. Cute buttons!

  5. Fabulous poem and you totally sum up the wonderful escapism that literature gives us.

    I'm a little late with mine -


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