Friday 22 June 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five

A truly hilarious take on the article from Heartifb

Seeing the detonation of the #lovebomb and knowing that I had a little hand in helping brighten women's days.

I particularly loved the one taken from Cat in the Hat... 

Getting my confidence boosted today by a gentleman at the library who asked me if I was entering the Poetry Competition again this year.

This photograph of Wellington Harbour - what a gorgeous Winter's day.
Photo: Wakey wakey Wellington! Friday is upon us!
Taken by Foxglove Bar and Kitchen


  1. Pride of place? Thank you so much LJ! You're the bomb dot com :)

    1. The bomb dot com... That is the best gangsta yet :P I loved your post today x

    2. Recognize! Hehe

  2. What a stunning photo. You should enter the poetry competition. You are really talented.


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