Friday 15 June 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five.

50 Parenting Lessons for Parents of Young Kids. - with pearls of wisdom such as:
1. Super glue has no place in a house with young children.
2. Neither do Sharpie’s.
Maddie's collection of Inspirational Wall Art has reminded me to nag Captain Awesome to put my art rails back up in the hallway.

My new plus size boots from Ezibuy  I am in love with them. It has taken me YEARS to get the confidence up to try boots, I have big calves and little feet so it's a hard mix. But these are magic and I can see me wearing them for many moons!
My new trench from Ezibuy  I got it in teal but I am so tempted go and get it in the purple too. I'm loving bright colours and am getting more confident to wear them. (So confident in fact that my hair is streaked with purple at the moment)

My new coat from Ezibuy


  1. Love the trench in teal, I need to find a good coloured coat. I want to see your hair!!! One day when I win lotto and don't have to work I'm going to go crazy with my hair :) The boots look really good, love the straps. Now I'm off to look at the ezibuy website :)

  2. Love the boots and coat! Must feel great to wear them :)


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