Tuesday 3 April 2012

Why grocery shopping is uncomfortable...

Monkey is mostly well behaved, helpful and interested in the process of grocery shopping. He is interested in the products, what they are and what they do. I enjoy going around the store with him when he's in a good mood and we're not in a rush.

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However, one day I am going to make it through a supermarket trip without having some elderly person/frazzled mum/checkout person look at me strangely when I agree to buy various foods for Monkey. I don't buy him everything he asks for, for one I don't know how to cook a rack of lamb, nor do I know what to do with a whole coconut. But if he asks for something reasonable, that I know I or Captain Awesome could finish if he really doesn't like it, I buy it.
My list of odd look foods:

  • feta, 
  • brie, 
  • camembert, 
  • hummus, 
  • capers, 
  • olives, 
  • chorizo
  • artichokes  - only one he's never asked for again.
  • beetroot for juicing
  • ginger for juicing
  • mint for juicing
What do your kids eat that other people are surprised at?


  1. Yum, Peter will eat anything as long as it's not red or orange :) I don't pay attention to anyone else at the supermarket!

  2. 3 Chicken Sausages, 2 Hash Browns, 3 Roast Potato halves and a Kinda Surprise chocolate egg - for breakfast - BUT - only on a Tuesday and only when he is dressed as Anthony Wiggle! (Because Anthony is always hungry, lol)

  3. Yum! Your boy has good taste!

    I braved the supermarket with 3 children today - not something I do often - especially at this time of year with all the Easter goodies weighing down every aisle and checkout!

    Alice loves avocado
    Sophie loves chocolate covered pretzels
    Charlotte loves cranberry sauce

    :) - and Sophie LOVES curry too!

  4. Don't worry about what people think in the supermarket, they probably wish their kids were as adventurous as yours. Count your blessings you do not have a fussy eater xxxx

  5. I let my kids do the same thing - we have a "It's okay if you decide you don't like a certain food... as long as you've given it an honest go" policy in our house. So our kids will frequently ask to try new food. :)

  6. That's a good list there, and I often buy those things for me, although Kien does like to try all the foods I buy, more often than now while we are actually doing the shopping. I'm constantly turning up at the counter with an apple that has been bitten, packets of different types of crackers already opened, carrots chewed and spat out...now that calls for disapproving looks :-)

  7. hahah.. your monkey sounds so cute! ;)
    I had one like that... he's now 7! And my youngest (miss almost 3) hates going shopping...so I mostly do it online!! (YAY) but alas I forgot to order it last night, so I have to drag my sorry self (and a grumpy miss 3) in to the store today... YAY (NOT!).


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