Friday 2 March 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five

A bit of a mixed bag (and video heavy) this week but I hope you like them too.

*The new feeling of calm that I have around me. I'm not feeling stressed or down. It's great.

*Watching Monkey make new friends and negotiate his way through the whole drama that is a nearly four year old's social life.

Firefly. An old favourite but I stumbled on these two and they made me want to watch the series again. For the thousandth time...

I am so looking forward to Hunger Games being released at the end of the month. Especially now that Captain Awesome has gotten on board and is reading (and enjoying) the series.

Watching this, laughing and then realising that, eleven years after leaving South Africa, I still say so many of these things!

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  1. I started reading the hunger games last week and holy crap they are good! almost half way through the last one. can't wait for the movie (and the nail polish range....)


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