Friday 23 March 2012

Five Friday Favourite at Five

  1. Monkey (and me) making it through his first school visit with the Kindy. It's frightening how fast he's growing up and yet how capable I think he'll be once he gets there.
  2. Finding and using the 30 Day Muffin recipe. I doubled the mixture, left out the fruit and raisins and added them just before baking. We made banana choc muffins, carrot cinnamon and raisin muffins, apricot and raisin muffins and I am keen to add cocoa to the last batch to see what it turns out like.
  3. This week I have had a successful run of meals - not one has caused either of the men in my house to pull up their noses. Monkey has given each one his "You should make this again, Mum" seal of approval. It's a small thing but I am really glad they're not fussy eaters.
  4. Date nights with Captain Awesome. We need it this week! Thanks as always to our super awesome babysitter who wants to be paid with one of these.
  5. The Tooty Ta song. Monkey has been singing it all week... (it's cute when he does it!)


  1. Well done getting the approval of Monkey! You'll be fine with Monkey going to school!

  2. Monkey will do great at school. A huge milestone, but Caitlyn settled so quickly and is loving it!

  3. Oh man...our very first school visit...hubby and I took Asher along and he was there 5 mins before he asked if Dad and I could go home now.... so from day one he spent the full day there alone... without a care in the world, and still loves school :) I reckon it's worse for us parents than the kiddies!! xx


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