Monday 27 February 2012

Lyrical Sunday meets JBE Monday.

Six months ago I accepted a challenge to write a list of ten things I liked about myself. I've re-read it and it feels weird to read it.

The challenge has returned and I am picking up the gauntlet. This may read a little stilted as I am much better at praising others and buoying them up than being nice to myself.

Me, Myself and I... (or things I like about me) 

I am gentle, empathetic and kind.
I am quietly confident about most things.
I am loud, opinionated and colour blind
I am a believer in karma and the universe's ability to bite you in the arse
I am their biggest cheerleader and my harshest critic
I am strong, even if I appear weak at times 
I try to see the good in everything, even if I have to dig really deep.
I am generous with my time, shoulder, ear and hugs.
I am the best mother for my son.
I am learning to be the best wife for my husband.
I am a good friend.
I have been there and seen that. 
I want to go there and see more.
I can embrace change with a bit of encouragement.
I can help pick up the pieces and hold it all together.
I am comfortable being alone.
I like spending time with others.
I am the touchstone for a special few.

LJ 2012


  1. Beautiful! I am still thinking. It is hard to say nice things about yourself.

  2. This is so lovely, honest and 'you' x well done and thank you for the kind, lovely comments you wrote on Charlotte & Sophie's blogs - they are both made up :-) xx

  3. I am their biggest cheerleader and my harshest critic - this is me exactly.

    Absolutely beautiful list and all things to be proud of!

  4. Thank you so much for linking with Just Be Enough!

    I like that your list includes things you have accomplished AND things you are still working on.

  5. Ditto what Angela said - I think this is all good stuff to acknowledge. And I don't think it sounds stilted at all.

    Being the touchstone for a special few is an incredible thing.

  6. I absolutely agree with you about karma and the universe... especially the biting part. I choose to see it as a gentle nudge to do better and try harder next time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for linking up with JBE. I think it's so important to be comfortable being alone - great quality to have.


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