Monday 13 February 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Curiosity

My apologies that it's a day late... Life has a way of throwing spanners in the works at the most opportune times. But here we are... I have decided not to have a linky as it's not working correctly, so please put the URL in your comment and I will put up a post with all the links in it on Thursday/Friday.

It's a curious thing.

It’s a curious thing, hope.
Appearing in the darkest of dark,
flickering candle-like
It warms the black.

It’s a curious thing, hope
It pries open locked doors,
It meddles with the mind.

It’s a curious thing, hope.
Searched for in the strangest places
Found beyond the borders of comfort
Beyond the accepted and the known.

It is curious how such a small thing
Can change the world.

© Latte Junkie 2012

With a single click of curiosity
A single link to another word
With a single click
she found a curious anomaly -

a ghost word
A word that has no meaning
A word that ought not exist
But curiously it does.

A curious curiosity.
The word that exists but is not real.


© Latte Junkie 2012

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