Monday 23 January 2012

Little man about town.

On a sunny Anniversary Day in Wellington,

A little man took a walk. Following the sound of the music.
He tried to see the action at the 350 Birdman competition.
But it was too long to wait.
He danced to this band on the way past the Youth Music Stage.

Stopping only for a fluffy on the waterfront.
He watched the crowds walking towards Te Papa.
He watched the people walking to Civic Square with the Silver Fern Ball in the far distance.


  1. A really cool post! Love the photos.

  2. What a gorgeous day today for Wellington Anniversary Day!

  3. We didn't make it into town after all, but it looks like a fabulous atmosphere and beautiful shots (blue sky and all! Yah!). x

  4. The photos show how beautiful Wellington is on a sunny day. We were inside the Kilbirnie Pool watching swimming but did get out to Lyall Bay for lunch!


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