Thursday 29 December 2011

An untitled toast

To the ones who read the words shared
and those who visited open spaces and hidden thoughts
To those who listened with all their heart
and those who spoke the truth, risking all -
To those who dared to try new things and leave the old behind
and those who cried - all the reasons to smile were camouflaged.
To those who laughed with us and in spite of us
and those who cared enough and too deeply
To those who loved with all the innocence of childhood
and those who were hurt but kept trying
To those who tried and got knocked over
and those who persevered
To those who believed in the dreams of sunny days
and those who gave up hope in the darkness
To those who found hope buried deep in the pocket of life
and those who are still looking
To those who have been broken and are relying on the promise of glue
and those who have healed, stronger, braver and more beautiful.
To those who wish the words unsaid and actions undone
and those who regret more than others, silently guilty,
To those who promised forever and fell over at the edge of tomorrow
and those who can't see past today's veil of shadow
To those who can't wait for this year to end
This year is almost over.
To those who don't want it to end, who want to live in the memories, safe in the known
I salute your courage.

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  1. What a lovely piece of writing! I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful 2012. May it bring along everything that is beautiful. You know you could've brought some good weather along with you when you came from Sydney... ;-)


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