Saturday 31 December 2011

My wishes for 2012.

My wishlist...

May the new year bring me less than I want but more than I need. 
May my beliefs be challenged and may I be presented with new perspectives and points of view.
May I find lightness and hope in dark of times and may I find the strength to share my candle in the even darker times.
May I find my path and place in the world, may I have the courage to throw away the map and follow my heart.
May I see the good in each moment and when I can't may I see it in retrospect.
May my love be felt and seen in the small things and the large.
May I have more adventures than setbacks and more fun even in the mundaneness of day to day life.
May I write more and worry less.

Wishing you all of the above and more for 2012. 



  1. Beautiful words, Chickie. I hope you are having a fabulous last night of the year; I can guarantee it will be better than mine - I'm nursing a chicken pox ridden child who has just woken up after 1 sleep cycle!


  2. What a lovely lovely post! You are so good with words :-)

  3. Very cool! Happy New Year!!

  4. Love your New Year Wishlist. I want what you're hopefully get! Happy New Year! Keep up the great writing!


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