Sunday 9 October 2011

Techno Kid

Monkey is three, four in April, so still just three. Which is why I find the following amusing, and mostly sometimes annoying...

  • "Mummy, I *neeeeeeeed* a tablet. I can't play Angry Birds without one."
    "You are too little for a tablet/netbook/ipad/iphone/laptop. You need to be older before you can use one"
    "Look Mummy, I can switch on the display Xoom/Ipad/AsusEEE and open games, set up Angry Birds and play it... See!!!"
  • In an discussion with Stud1 -"I googled it Daddy. I'm right!"
  • "But I saw it on the internet!!" in a whiny voice
    "Obviously!" dripping in sarcasm...
  • "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmm.... Muuuuhhhhmmmm...... I can't spell"
  • "Mummy, that's one for your blog!"
What techy things do your kids say?


  1. Our kids are quite a bit into technology. We don't get many "techy" sayings though. We do get plenty of requests to play mathletics or starfall from both the 8 year old and 4 year old and both are rather good at using the ipad. But as for sayings? Not so much!

  2. My kids play with the iPod, Daddy's iPad, and both of our smartphones. I asked hubby if we should get our 5 year old a cheap off brand tablet for Christmas, he said there wasn't a point. They are always playing with ours, it wouldn't make a difference.

  3. So funny! If I was living without hubbie I'd be in a little cottage in the country with an old TV and a stereo ticking over from the '80's! But since I'm living with a guy who makes money in I.T. and is a lover of all things techie, there is no escaping the latest gadgetry. Normally I simply dust said gadgetry for a good month or two whilst hubbie and the kids get stuck in!

    Alice, at 18 momths, could say 'You Tube' and 'iPad'....

    It's a very new world their growing up in! xx


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