Sunday 30 October 2011

Introducing Inspiration Weekly

Lyrical Sunday has been revamped into a multi-media Inspiration Weekly.

This week the theme is Energy, please join up at Catching the Magic you can vlog, draw, paint, sew, write whatever moves you.  

Nervous Energy
Tightly wound, coiled within me,
a small part of me twists
against the flow of me

it is not released 
Not by pacing
it is not released
Not by eating

it turns and turns, turns
until like a sheared screw
it falls out of place.

Latte Junkie© 2011 

Energy of a child
I watch you,
Exhausted, I watch you
Just once more...
Just once more, please, Mummy.
One more run up the sand dune,
One more tumble down

I watch you,
Enthralled. I watch you
Just one more turn...
Just one more turn, Mummy.
One more climb up the tree,
One more jump down

I watch you, 
In awe, I watch you...
Running tirelessly through the changing seasons;
Through the changing world,
Unable to imagine a day worth waiting for.

I watch you
I'll watch you, my darling child 
Just once more,
Just once more, please...
to remind me of your energy 
the gift of your youth.

Latte Junkie© 2011 


  1. What lovely poems. I especially like the second one!

  2. My nervous energy during the ABs final resulted in a clean oven door, lol (first time in months; possibly years)

  3. Love! I read your poems and felt like I was savouring a rare wine - truly! You have such talent. The first one I can very much relate too and I know the feelings you describe so well. The second one had me welling up! x


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