Sunday 28 August 2011

Lyrical Sunday - A tribute to Happy Feet.

My internet is spazzing out so I will pretty this up tomorrow... But here's my offering as a tribute to the Emperor Penguin who became a true celebrity here in Wellington!

Happy Feet.
Far from home,
Searching for stardom
You worked hard for your fame
Developed a following of paparazzi.

A world-wide media frenzy followed
Your development of an eating disorder which outshone,
Even, the arrival of the Hobbit stars!

We watched your dramas unfold over a live web feed
With baited breath, we waited amidst the cards and bouquets
From your beloved fans from nearby Newtown and further, China, America and more.

The surgeons did their best and with the help of a few weeks of solitude
And a few polar snaps to remind you of home, and remind us where you belonged
You, the media darling, tabloid king, are set to leave our too-warm shores
Aboard an ice cutter heading to the Antarctic seas to break the ice and allow you home

Enjoy the journey, Happy Feet.
You have made your mark in Wellywood.


  1. Brilliant! Wow! Really fabulous and I really hope he does well out in the wilds! xx

  2. OH he was on our news here in Australia, front page, with some caption like "thanks for the fish smooothies". Yummo, love Posie


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