Tuesday 30 August 2011

Blogger Abroad - Update 2

Well here we are. Four more sleeps (NZ time) and then as Monkey has been saying all week "We jump in the taxi, jump in a plane and get to Australia."

It seems so simple listening to him. But as I sit here tonight, it may be just that easy now... I have packed and closed two suitcases. The last one is waiting for the toiletries, a few shirts that have yet to dry and the last bits and bobs.

The accommodation is almost finalized as are the flights. The house is tidyish and the cleaners are coming in tomorrow and Stud1 has agreed to having take aways for the rest of the week. The lady who will be looking after the jungle garden, is coming at 9am to chat and get started on it. I am almost not hyperventilating now.


I have started showing Monkey the things we may see in Sydney and some of the things we will see. I have started looking for activities that we could do.

We will be near two malls and a Mandarin centre so I am hoping to find Mummy and Me type Mandarin lessons. I have found a few parks that look like they will be fun to visit and there are the main attractions to hit too.

He is so excited about it that I hope it lives up to his expectations. 

I may be quite quiet for the next few days as I catch up with friends and get myself feeling at ease. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? That it scares me?

Now you know.

My name is LatteJunkie and I am scared of moving to new places.


  1. Hey LatteJunkie, my name is Kiwiatheart and I class myself as a bit of an expert at the moving to new places thing. We are jumping on the plane and moving back to Oz in 5 sleeps!
    All the best with your move. Hope you have a great time and meet heaps of awesome people.
    Enjoy all the new experiences :)

  2. Its only 4 months...
    It's not a move, it's a holiday!

    Relax, jump in a taxi, jump on a plane, and go on holiday!

  3. Look what happened last time you moved - you ended up somewhere super awesome!

    Have a fab time :-)

    (catherine - I still can't log into blogger to make comments, silly thing!)

  4. **hugs** All will be well. Takeaways for the rest of the week? How decadent!


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