Thursday 14 July 2011

What happened last Saturday...

I just realised that I forgot to post this post on Sunday... So you can read it or not... up to you. I'm just posting it so that it's here and not languishing in my "to post" folder!
My morning of F R E E D O M.

I have been granted a rare morning off. I wish I had known it was coming, I'd have planned something.

Although, to be fair, Stud1 probably would have given me my hallpass had I just asked, not spontaneously combusted and tried to take the house and all inhabitants out with me.

Without a toddler nor husband weighing me down I shot off to Pee-tone/Petonee. (Note to self for next time – Not much is open before 10am.) I hit the shops that were open.

Two Indian grocers – curries bought and discussed.
A trip into On Trays for a very special biltong spoil. Love that shop – they offer free (good) coffee as you walk in...
On to the random girly shops I rarely go into as they are not Monkey safe. In fact they are barely me-safe. I drooled over a bag or three, covetted a cushion cover ($100? Really?) considered buying a matching Wedgewood dinner service and whether or not I needed a teacup bird feeder.

I found a really nicely priced book store and bought some birthday presents for the next round of first birthdays that start next month. I resisted the urge to buy books for Monkey even though the Roald Dahl books were all under $5!

As I settled down to write a few blog posts in a teeny tiny cafe that makes decent coffee and amazing paninis, I heard sirens. I looked up and a fire truck had pulled up in front of the cafe. I couldn't smell any smoke. As two very fine specimens of the fireman fraternity walked past to the next door cafe, I rather smugly sipped my flat white. The hole-in-the-wall cafe wins again!

I rounded my morning off with a saunter through the local arts and crafts fair. I can happily say I know where to buy the Mum and Mum-in-law presents for Christmas this year.

It was a good morning.

The only negative and it was a big one is that I haven't found a cafe in Petone that does free wifi! Wake up and smell the extra coffees (and baked goods) I'll buy!! Don't fob me off to Maccas, you idiots!

I met the boys and they regaled me with stories of bus trips, swimming, morning tea, police stations and being blown over by the wind.

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  1. That sounds like the *almost* perfect morning to yourself (if you'd had a massage or foot rub then it'd have been absolutely perfect)


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