Monday 25 July 2011

Our first Snow Day.

Now I know I may complain of the cold but it very rarely snows lower than the local hills. Today, however, I am watching it snow in my garden!

It's not settling but there are still snowflakes falling to the ground. I feel quite nostalgic for the few snow days we had in the UK.

As they say in FB-land -"Photo or it didn't happen!" here are my favourites of the morning in Tunnel Gully! I'll post the views of Cannons Point later tonight :)

Three snowballs came home with us and were used in a snowball fight in the garden... Monkey is a little confused as to why he can't keep the snow forever.

Tunnel Gully Entrance Bridge

What! My gloves keep getting wet!

Stud1 took a little time off work to play in the snow with us!

The sun trying to break through the clouds.

Making snowballs to throw into the river where we spent so much time in the Summer

Chasing Daddy up the hill with a snowball!


  1. Very cool. I was tempted to drive to Taupo today because my two children have never ever seen snow. We had visitors, though, and couldn't go. Maybe tomorrow? :)

  2. Nice post! Wonderful pics!
    I love snowballs! ;)

  3. I love the sun coming through the clouds, or at least trying to. At least you got something fun out of all your cold weather. ;)


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