Wednesday 8 June 2011

Date Night

Last night Stud1 and I went on a date night. It was great. Seriously great, in fact!

Monkey was an angel, went to bed with no fuss and promised to be good for our lovely babysitter. 

I did feel a bit choked up as he waved to us as we pulled out of the driveway. Something rather sad about a little boy peeking out the curtains to wave byebye to his parents... But I am proud that he is ok with it - we don't go out very often and that could cause a problem for some kids.

We went to Event Cinema's Deluxe screening of Xmen First Class.

It was wonderful! From the great hot chocolate in the private lounge, to the seat-side service of divine chocolate brownies and a sundae, to the reclining loungers, to the seriously good movie.

The movie had enough action, storyline, effects, intrigue and cool mutants to keep everyone happy. The actors were good, although Kevin Bacon always leaves me feeling slightly icky. I would recommend seeing it if you like the franchise and even if you haven't seen the others, it's the prequel, so give it a go... Event Cinemas have cheap nights on Tuesdays and I know a great babysitter with pretty decent rates...

Here's a little taster:

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  1. private lounge? hot chocolate? Sounds like my kind of place. Wish our local theatre did that!


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