Sunday 29 May 2011

Lyrical Sunday Wk 20 - Haiku

This week's Lyrical Sunday's inspiration is Haiku.

First a lesson in Haiku - (for those of us who can't remember high school English :P)

From Japanese 俳句 (はいく, haiku)

  1. A Japanese poem of a specific form, consisting of three lines, the first and last consisting of five morae, and the second consisting of seven morae, usually with an emphasis on the season or a naturalistic theme.
  2. A three-line poem in any language, with five syllables in the first and last lines and seven syllables in the second, usually with an emphasis on the season or a naturalistic theme.

    Haiku, a poem
    five beats, then seven, then five
    ends as it began.

    Excerpted from Wiktionary

(cc)TANAKA Juuyoh / 田中十洋

Cherry blossoms fall
slowly to the warming ground
welcoming Summer


Spring's Herald falling
forming the fruits of Summer
long days and short nights

View from our lounge - Photo by Stud1

Falling flames sear
the fading fruitful landscape;
burning Summer's song. 

The end of Summer
sparks. Beginning the chill
of Winter's clutches.


  1. My friend Jenn from You know...that blog? does a Haiku meme every Wednesday! You should check it out! :)

  2. So, so beautifully composed and illustrated too. A delight to read. I shall read them to Charlotte in the morning.

    Thank you x


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