Monday 30 May 2011

How I turned Monday into my favourite day of the week.

No, I haven't had any luck convincing Stud1 to take every Monday off. And I still LOVE my weekends. But I love Mondays.

I actively decided to make Monday an at-home day. It used to be the day I would rush to do the washing, clean up, do the groceries, make a full on dinner and catch up with friends.

Recently I found myself truly dreading Monday. More than usual.

With happiness in mind I mixed things up. 

  • In the morning, I put on a load of washing.
  • Have breaky, coffee and check my virtual world while Monkey watches his morning TV kick and plays with his toys.
  • Monkey helps me put things in the slowcooker for supper (usually a soup or easy curry) and we put the breadmaker on for cheese scrolls/flat bread dough. 
  • We pull the lounge straight and play with his cars before packing them away.
  • We hang the washing up.
  • We bake muffins or cookies if the mood strikes us.
  • We read, play and chill.
  • In the afternoon we make our cheese scrolls and pop them in just before dinner time.
By the end of the day I am still in a good mood. We are both happy and have had a (mostly) fun day at home. 

It's much easier to plan to do nothing and do something than to plan to do something and do everything.

What do you do to mix things up? To make things easier for you?


  1. I don't ever mix anything up lol I barely have a routine I follow no scratch that I don't have any routine at all or any consistancy it is a major flaw that i really need to work on. It sounds like a lovely day at home just spending time making memories with your special little man :o)

  2. Sounds like a super positive day! Go you! I really should invest in a slow cooker and get making some scrumptious soups for winter.

    I had a good day too - with all the chores happening smoothly and not feeling like chores (great weather always helps too!).

    Here's to a positive week all round, finger's crossed! x


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