Wednesday 20 April 2011

My pretty bras make me feel ugly!

Hopefully that got your attention, but I hasten to add that there will be no photos of boobs here!

Just a sad and sorrowful tale of the never-ending search for the perfect bra, in the right size, at the right price that doesn't let me down in the end!

This weekend just gone, Stud1 and Monkey caved in and we went to the outlet shops in Otaki. To buy a bra. I don't like shopping but I LOATHE shopping for underwear!

I can hear gasps of disbelief across the blogosphere!

It's true though! I am a plus size girl with extra plusses! I wear the size that comes after Pamela Anderson but before Jordan... All on a size 18NZ ribcage!

When you shop for my size bra, you are met with about 3 choices.

Granny Beige
Ugly Netting Lacey
(And my favourite) Fugly Hooker!

But I found a new shop. It had beautiful coloured bras in my size. Made for women with curves. Designed to make me weak at the knees and not just due to the price!

I had found my perfect bra! I was in love. There were matching knickers! They are turquoise. I looked hot.

They were on special!! The lady double checked the fitting to ensure my happiness!

I bought two!

I paraded them for Stud1 - he was impressed too...

Today I wore one.

My boobs were on display for the world to see, as each and everytime I bent over the friggin twins dropped out to say "Hi"! Without my permission! I felt like that fat chick who doesn't buy the right size bra and pops out the top!

So here I sit, wanting to cry, because my pretty bras make me feel ugly.

And my quest continues.


  1. It makes me sad for you for two reasons.

    1) Its sad because you were so overjoyed about finding the perfect bra (and I think that we can ALL relate to the quest) and now the bra leprechauns have gone and done something TO your bra to make it not so perfect...Perhaps we can all relate to this too.

    2) Its sad because your self esteem is being held in a (im assuming Toquoise) fabric cup. And this cup is seriously half full.

    Now, to clarify I do not think YOU are sad for the last reason. I think IT is sad...and I want to make it better. But I don't think I can. But what I can do is help you search the internet and other shops for a better bra full to the brim with esteem.

    What I guess I am also trying to say is...
    1) You are NOT alone, we all have felt this way! as women it seems to be something that we just have to put up with.
    2) You are MORE than your clothes.


  2. Oh Man K8 - I think I heart you even more than ever before! Amazing words (ditto to everything you said)

    And LJ - would you consider M&S online? If the ydon't ship these items my SIL in still in London and I'm sure that I can get her to instore shop for you and post over, she's pretty cool like that : ) I've heard pretty phenomonal things about M&S bras.

    And in a "you probably don't want me to say this bit" addition.... You could just save them for parading around for stud1 : )

  3. @K8 - Thanks hun! You are a star!

    @NZMathsTeacher -Thank you too!!

    I have thought of M&S and a few other places in the UK... But they are $$$. But needs must really.

    And they have been relegated to "going out bras" without the need to bend over etc!

    You guys are wonderful!!

  4. Just wanted to say that I share your pain! After tears and many dollars I've given up on pretty for the moment and settled for the granny-beige-super-sized maternity bra - I can usually cover it up with a pretty top and when I'm wearing it at least I look like I have two boobs on my chest rather than a long sausage slung low across my stomach...

  5. I need to see the Fugly Hooker bra's!

    I've given up bra shopping. I have them in every possible size and they only ever fit one boob, leaving the other either swimming around sadly or popping out at inopportune moments. Now I stick to singlets with inner support and tough if they dont make me look all perky :P


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