Sunday 3 April 2011

Lyrical Sunday Wk 10 - Earth

I have been very slack with the Lyrical Sunday posts over at Catching the Magic - so here are all the posts  I have missed! :D

i am...

revolving slowly
rotating on a tilted axis
i lean toward the light
turning from the darkness

i am full grown, yet not
quite comfortable in my skin
i stretch and twist
oblivious to the perils
created for the tiny parasites
infesting me

underestimated, ignored
no-longer willing to be
unheard or unmoved
feel me, fear me,

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  1. VERY powerful! Love your style :) I am adding a link to your wonderful poems at the bottom of each of the relevant weeks on my blog - I know I'll want to come back and reread! Thanks so much for taking part x


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