Tuesday 26 April 2011

Biggest Virtual Coffee Break.

As I mentioned here I am hosting a Coffee Break for my friends on behalf of Oxfam. I was toying with hosting a virtual coffee break too.

Having had positive feedback, I went to Givealittle.co.nz and set up an account that would send all donated funds directly to Oxfam NZ. I grabbed their widget and it now lives in the top right hand corner of my page. There it is... all pretty and green.

Now you can join in the fun too. Click on the orange donate button and enter your chosen donation. A large latte in Wellington costs about $5.00  so with the 2.6% credit card fee it will cost you $5.13. If you're like me and like a bit of cake with your coffee, it will cost you about $10.62 (if you get one of the $10 deals floating around town)

There will be a giveaway after all the donations are in. I will draw a name from a hat of all the people who donate... And then the nice people at Oxfam will post you a goodie basket if you are in NZ, if you are out of NZ, I will post you your choice of fairtrade coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Sadly I can't afford to post the whole basket...

Please join up it would be great to raise funds that benefit not only people in NZ but those people across the world who work to grow and harvest coffee, cocoa and various other crops that we consume daily without too much thought as to where they come from and how the "makers" are treated.

Please comment after you donate so that I know who you are :)

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