Saturday 16 April 2011

Answering cries for help.

This week has been an eventful one, both blog-wise and real-life-wise.

I was reading a blog today which reminded me of the distance there is in the blogging world. We think we know each other, because we know who each other is on the page.

In writing.

Some of us will meet in real life or know each other already. Some of us have never met and never will. But we become friends.

This blog I read is the outpouring of a mother who is struggling. She feels disconnected to her family and kids. She is struggling and pouring it out on the web.

Many of us do just that. And many of us make each other feel better and less alone by commenting.

But this blogger really needs help. She is blogging with very little use of codenames or alibis. I am very worried for her. Not only because she is struggling and her posts are spiralling downwards but also because of the ammunition she is giving to people who may want to use it against her.

There have been many instances where personal blogs have been used against people in court cases etc. And this makes me worry for her.

But mostly I am struck by the inability to help someone who really needs the help. Because really, other than commenting on her posts, there is nothing I can do. Even by commenting I am running the risk of being misinterpreted.

Or is there? Have you run into a similar situation and have any advice for me?



PS: Please send your thoughts to my dear friend LG in South Africa whose Mum passed away. She will be missed! Be strong LG and look after yourself! Love you xx


  1. I think you need to be very careful if your blog doesnt use codenames or its easy to find out who you are for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

    I'm one of those - but I try to make sure I never discuss anything that I'll regret later.

    Whoever she is, I hope she is ok!

  2. I think just reaching out like you have is wonderful, it's all you can do in some situations, but it is better than sitting back and not saying something at all. You never know sometimes what a little comment can do for someone, just a few words can really help. I just don't write about certain things in the public forum, and never give out too much info on names, places etc.


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