Thursday 31 March 2011

Brisbane - Confessions


I couldn't live in Brisbane due to the following things:

  • Michels - good coffee and a slice of chocolate mousse cake with ganache for $6!!
  • Pizza Capers - basil pesto, garlic and feta in a calzone style bread!
  • Cheap books - even though I restrained myself, we still came home with 15 new kids books and a few puzzles.
  • Outlet Malls - too many choices, too many people, too little money
  • Hit and miss coffee - it would take a looonnggg time to sample all the coffee shops  *sigh*
  • Bizarre road markings and signs... I just don't know if I could drive there... dare I admit this - I missed the roundabouts!
As a Twilight fan this made me stop and literally LOL!


  1. You didnt try KK!! I'm impressed (kinda).

  2. Only because I know that I can't stop at one!! I am SO glad they don't have them here in NZ!


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