Wednesday 23 February 2011

More news on the quake...

This is a collation of information from many sources... click on the links to see the stories unfolding.

Google's Crisis Centre

Minute by minute updates from Christchurch.
Updated frequently

What you need to know - where to find people, what to donate, where to donate etc

Collection of social media updates with live links to bigger stories...

How to reassure children - from Nigel Latta's FB page... useful for everyone.

NZH - click for more images

Where I am at...

I haven't switched on the TV today and have only listened to the radio. I am still feeling shaky (pardon the pun) and I am more aware that
  • Our neighbourhood only has one link to the rest of town (Will the bridge hold?)
  • Stud1 works 40 kilometres away (would he get back to us?)
  • Stud1 works on the 11th floor. On a hill that was built by the last major quake in Wellington
  • We live directly opposite to a faultline. The island in the road is the fault line :(
  • I was more worried about a tsunami
  • Our emergency kit is sorely lacking (why are the needed things so expensive to buy - gas stoves etc...)
  • I don't have an emergency plan together
  • None of my close friends live in our neighbourhood...
  • I am scared.
 Kia Kaha - Stay Strong


  1. Ive hardly turned the Tv either
    listened to the radio

    keep thinking about my son at school
    its not far but it would still be awful

    we live on a fault line too
    Napier 1931 is very much on my mind

    we dont have an emergency kit at all I agree stuff is expensive


  2. There are two major ways out, although the second is a little harder. YOu will however with skilled toolmen be able to drive through the park across the road from you and then use tools to remove the bollards over the bridge to H.P. The bridge was built as emergency access.

    And by then you will be fit and fabulous enough to walk that way to my place anyway : )

    I have watched tv today and one thing has been amazing... the human response from all over the world.

    Thinking of you tonight and praying you get some refreshing sleep.

  3. Hey NZMT - I did wonder about the Harcourt Bridge... I also thought I could walk to you guys :) or K8s.

    Main reason I didn't watch the news today is that Monkey is very interested in it and understands what he's seeing. Really not keen to explain in too much detail.

    Thinking of you guys too :)

  4. You will be able to do all of those things that NZMT spoke of. And your more than welcome to turn up at my place! however, being mostly brick, one wonders how well it would withstand a shake like that. Also the river is shallow and slow in parts and adrenalin is an AMAZING thing that makes humans be able to do things they normally can not.
    Neo has been asking lots of questions, I have been honest..without being scary (I hope).


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