Thursday 24 February 2011

A bit of facebook fun!

I love Facebook... I especially love doing fun things in my status. I copied this from a friend and would love it if you could make up some delightful nonsense about how we "met" too. 
Here is the status and the comments - I have very funny friends and one of them is mostly true!
I would like my friends to comment on this status, sharing how you met me, BUT YOU MUST LIE, that's right, make it up, as random as you want. After you comment, copy this to your status, so I can do the same, I bet half of you won't read the instructions right. 
Andrew - I met you on a plane, you foiled a terrorist plot and then parachuted from the 777 while still mid flight and floated all the way back to NZ, everyone clapped and then the plane landed in Iraq, it was a fun start to my holiday  
NZ Maths Teacher - On the set of superstars of America's Next Top Model. You had won season 15 and I won season 17. I couldn't beleive how lucky I was to finally meet you after seeing your stellar season on TV. (I'm sure you felt the same way too)
Louisa - I met you at the playboy mansion way back when we were Hugh's girls. You were his star 'bunny girl' ah those were the days! Where are you living now?

Birth Power After I hit you with my car (mistaking you for an escaped loon from the local mental asylum) I went back to scrape you off the road. I took you home and after working for days putting you back together I gave up and threw you off a cliff......guess you survived!

We met at the supermarket when you tried to steal a packet of mallowpuffs out of my trolly, I karate chopped you in the arm, and you released them, smashing them on the floor. I said you could have them now as I dont like broken biscuits, which led onto a really interesting conversation about the fragility of life, and how this world is the world of illusion, and we are like mallowpuffs, and the world is like the supermarket. Of course that carried on to a very intense conversation about high grown papua new guinean coffee as opposed to west java and the rest as they say is history.

LatteJunkie -  Wow.... I think I much prefer these stories. It makes me seem much more exciting!! I am going to have to copy them and put them somewhere safe to tell Monkey one day!!

Jane - we met whilst both auditioning for Folies Bergere .. but you could kick so much higher than I could!


    1. LOVE it :) lol

      how do I find you on FB?

      i would like to friend you on there if you dont mind

    2. Naw, I didnt see this FB post. So here is mine: I was on a camel treck in Egypt. Had just seen some amazing pyramids etc and was looking forward to getting back to my hotel, when my camel tripped and broke its toe. It turned out you were the vetenarians assistant on-call that day. You provided me with a lovely new camel named "Monica", we chatted all the way back to the Hotel and we exchanged emails as it turned out you were thinking of moving to nz and we thought perhaps one day we would meet again....


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