Monday 14 February 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 7 - Love

Lyrical Sunday

Blurring the lines.

this is not, what was
but it is what now is
yet another late night,
yet another early morn

more excuses come to light
missed chances to connect
forgotten moments of magic
lost memories, replaced by platitudes

the lines are blurring
between why and when
between present and future
between lover and disdainer

the insidious indifference
the bitten-back words
blur the lines
between love and leaving.

by LJ

Of Mice and Men
By Stud1

I've said it once, and I'll say it again
The love of woman makes mice of good men
Some travel the seas some follow the stars
It moves some to poetry and others to bars

But one man I know was a king among men
Commanded respect of his peers and his friends
He owned his own ship, and he sailed it well.
They tell many tales how he sailed through hell.

He travelled the east and conquered west
burned the night candle while others would rest
He'd seek foreign lands as if on a quest
Determined to find the biggest and best

Until one cruel and unusual day
He harboured his ship in a small quiet bay
While sat in a tavern he caught the blue eye
of a pretty young maiden as she wondered by
I've said it twice, and I'll say it again
The love of a woman makes mice of good men

She sought him and caught him and brought him to rest
She loved him, they married, she said it was best
He gave up his travels, his boat and the sea
To live on the land with his children and she

He lived out his life with the girl as his wife
Grew old with the land that he'd worked with his hand
At times he still longed for salt and sea
But knew it was no good for his family

One day he was struck with weakness and pain
And his own doctor said that he shan't walk again
He lay on his death bed, she said this through tears
"I know I denied you the sea all these years"

He looked at her, smiled, and said what he knew
"When I searched all the world, I was looking for you!
I crossed all the oceans and wandered the sea,
but it's just the vessel that brought you to me."

I've said it once, and I'll say it thrice
The love of a woman makes good men of mice.


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