Friday 4 February 2011

Engaging boys in education - an American perspective.

This is a TED talk about engaging boys in education from an American perspective. It is, however, spreading globally.

I am trying to be more aware of how I influence Monkey's learning or attitude to learning. It is very hard though. I have always had an aversion to boys in my class play fighting. But on the otherhand I have never said anything negative to them about the violence prevalent in theur stories. 

I do think that the system needs to adapt to the needs of the modern tech savvy child. I do think that I have a role to play in helping him negotiate through the system and being there to call the teachers on it. (Yes, I AM that mother!) 

I would agree that that there is a need for more engaging games and curriculum areas for boys. And that video games/pc games would be the way to go. Now if only NZ schools were more tech savvy and understood the need for using technology from the word go... In the UK I worked with boys who were very behind their peers academically but put them on a laptop with a spell check and they started to close the gap. I don't think that would be an option here.

What is your take on the learning of boys. Any great advice for me as I am only three years into my role as "Mother of a boy"

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  1. Well, like you I am only three years into raising a boy. I don't really know how I am doing with this as far as nurturing his "boyness". And I don't know how he will be in school. I do know what I have seen first hand with my brother though. He went to two boys schools. The first was a 'rigid, firm discipline, pull your socks up or your going home, but make sure you participate in drama and english and you will dam-well be good at it' kind of school. There were no female teachers He THRIVED. The next school he went to tried to be this..but pushed rugby and sports and had lots of female teachers. He got to beginning of 6th form and was given the ultamatum "leave or be expelled". Not sure what this story shows...but food for though none the less.


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