Sunday 2 January 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 2: Holiday

Well, I missed Lyrical Sunday Week 1 as I wasn't really up to waxing lyrical about Christmas after the sadness that had descended... But here I am (and with the help of Stud1 as co-creator). I will be joining in with the Lyrical Sunday posts.

Lyrical Sunday is a great idea from Sarah @Catching the Magic. It a great blog with stunning photos and some brilliant ideas - well worth a visit!.


Nestled in the mountains, 
enclosed by rolling hills
runs a river, cool and clear, that 
the summer shower fills.

On any given sun day, 
in the parks beneath the trees
run children with their parents
through the cooling summer breeze

And in a quiet cul-de-sac
surrounded by the calls,
of hundred native song birds
attending to their chores

sits a quiet little cafe
cool beneath the shade
that serves my favourite coffee 
with scones and marmalade

And somewhere in the mountains 
where the tourists never go,
lies a slow and curving river 
not even locals know.

Water pistols ready, 
pirate ships are on their guard
I found my favourite holiday 
in my own back yard.

by Stud1

a soft breeze through the dune-grass
warm sands beneath my soles
I walk into the blue,
sarong falling slow

cold shiver caress my skin 
stepping deeper, start to swim
buoyed by salt and water
I drift beneath the flow

serene, calm encases me
tumultuous thoughts are still
currents ease my soul home
returning self to self
by LJ


  1. Oh wow! Stunning! The first made me smile and filled my mind with a clear picture, which I liked very much. The second, so beautiful to read, like smelling sweet flowers.

    I am inspired! I have so much to learn about writing poetry. Thank you so much for joining in. Sarah :)

  2. I'd definitely like to step straight into that first poem - it has a coffee shop and what sounds like a lovely countryside walk, what could be nicer?! :)


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